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Non-Combat XP (D&D 5e)

D&D adventurers making plans

Hello, fellow adventurers! Today, the Helpful NPCs crew are bringing you something that your game desperately needs: XP rewards for activities other than "killing monsters."

Ever had a feeling that the player characters deserved an XP during the game but felt frustrated that D&D 5e's advice is, well, underwhelming? ("Go with your gut" is a good guideline, but that could use a little mechanical weight to bolster it.)

That's why we designed this X-cellent, X-panded, and X-tremely useful XP chart for our home games! (More X-citing bad puns than the '90s X-Men cartoon!)

Now that I've got that blurb out of the way, I'll leave you to the charts.

Non-Combat XP
Download PDF • 22.01MB

D&D 5e alternative XP chart homebrew rules
D&D 5e alternative XP awards homebrew rules

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