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Henchmen: The Bodyguard, Revised!

Hello, all! The Helpful NPCs team are here to present a new and REVISED NPC for your games: the BODYGUARD! Player characters can hire this character for a stipend and bring him along on their adventures.

Surely you've run into a situation where your group is missing a vital character and you need someone to fill the gaps...but there aren't appropriately-leveled NPCs to hire. The NPCs provided are too low level to be useful (and will die immediately), or they're too high level (and will outshine the party).

Frustrated by this in our games, we decided to create a subsystem for HENCHMEN. The first we're introducing is a fairly simple henchman who can serve to protect the player characters in a pinch. Yes, the BODYGUARD, a guy (or gal) who isn't afraid to take a hit for you.

We have a short explanation of how hiring and retaining henchmen works. For those of you who want a TL;DR:

  • Henchmen charge 2 gp x the party's level per day for their service.

  • Their "level" (proficiency bonus and Hit Dice) are all based on the party's level.

  • They'll want a small share of the treasure if they're encountering danger on a regular basis.

  • Treat them well and they'll stick around, treat them poorly and they'll find a new employer.

Otherwise, you can probably figure out how to run them without reading the rules, but we encourage you to check them out regardless.

Henchmen - The Bodyguard
Download PDF • 2.33MB

Henchmen - How to Use
Download PDF • 1.68MB

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