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One Page Encounters: Hungry, Hungry Cockatrices

Hello, all! We're starting a new content series called One Page Encounters. We're aiming to include a fleshed-out encounter you can drag and drop into your game on a whim. To meet that end, we proudly introduce the first of our One Page Encounters: Hungry, Hungry Cockatrices. These encounters are meant to be thrown at your heroes at any appropriate time you deem fit. We provide minimal guidance because we aren’t here to tell you how to do your least, not in this article.

This encounter is an expansion of one of my favorite encounters from my previous roadside encounter table. Please peruse at your convenience. Drop into your game and cut it apart for a refluff.

Although designed with consideration for the 5th Edition of the World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game, these are somewhat system neutral and can be added elsewhere. (In this case, you might need to stat up cockatrices!)

Hungry, Hungry Cockatrices
Download PDF • 391KB

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