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One Page Encounters: An Oni-Rous Appetite!

Hello, all! The Helpful NPCs are here to present yet another drag-and-drop encounter. Many of our encounters have focused on the wilderness environment, occurring along the road or in the further reaches from civilization, today's encounter is a good fit for the urban environment.

Outaru the Oni has made himself a home in the city, hidden amongst its residents using his myriad of spell abilities to conceal his presence. Disguised as a little urchin girl named Rika, he's made his way gobbling down urchins. Urchins are a bit stringy, and the Brownsmiths have a newborn that's looking quite plump...

Can the player characters rescue baby Osmund before Outaru rings the dinner bell? Find out in your next session!

An Oni-Rous Appetite
Download PDF • 6.95MB

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