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Magic Item Alert: Ease your burdens with this humble construct

Some of our favorite magical items are not the ones that slay dragons. We love the simple stuff that gives parties flavor and utility. All the more if they must find unusual uses for such items. That's why we've given a writeup to one of our most fun ideas: the self-stirring cooking pot.

For your convenience, the PDF for this magical assistant is right here:

Self-Stirring Pot (by Helpful NPCs)
Download PDF • 15.45MB

Self-Stirring Pot

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

Description: This appears to be a large iron cooking pot with a thick bale. It stands on four stout legs. Two unusually long handles at its sides end in rudimentary appendages.

Properties: The self-stirring pot is not a glamorous or exciting treasure, but it remains a vaunted tool for brewers, alchemists, and domestic servants. When the command word is spoken, the pot animates, remaining so until the command word is spoken again. While active, the self-stirring pot attempts to obey any commands given by the speaker of its command word. Its arms are long enough to reach its own contents, allowing it to stir itself. Although the pot lacks the skill to cook on its own, it can follow simple instructions such as “stir every few minutes,” “bring yourself to a boil,” and “I said ‘simmer,’ you clanking waste of arcane energy.”

Beyond its titular purpose, the pot’s intellect allows it to perform basic tasks, such as serving food, pitching a tent, or suspending itself on a prop stick. The owner of the pot can command it to attack in a pinch, but its slow movement and limited size inhibits its ability to fight.


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